About Me

Who Am I? 
I am a Christ-loving college student with a passion for needy children, traveling, sewing, baking, and life! God has called me from the big city to the middle-of-nowhere to love and influence others for Him, along with teaching me quite a few lessons along the way. Join me on my journey! 

Why My Blog? 
Why the title “Windows and Bananas”? Well, I was once on a train in Switzerland, watching the majestic Eiger Mountain sweep past. To my surprise, a man sitting in the aisle across from me began cleaning his window with a banana peel! Needless to say, it is one of my best memories of that trip, and is something I will surely never forget. This is a blog full of random things, such as cleaning windows with bananas. I am not sure if all my ideas work, or if they are as futile as bananas used as cleaning supplies. Nevertheless, hopefully you will be able to explore along with me as I discover whether things such as bananas and windows really do work together.
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