My Compassion Family

I currently have two children with Compassion International.

Bedina from Tanzania: Bedina is my sponsored child.

Nimisha from India: Nimisha is my correspondant child. I sponsor her with love, letters, and a relationship!

My Compassion Journey began in high school when I really felt God calling me to sponsorship. I started sponsoring Bedina a little over a year ago. I really began to see how much of a passion I have for children who are living in rough circumstances. My heart broke for these kids and I love being able to be a part of Bedina's life.

A few months ago, I decided to ask for a correspondant child. Beautiful Nimisha entered my life. I have yet to receive a letter from her, but I have sent her a few, letting her know how much I love her and cherish her.

I am excited to continue walking this Compassion journey and to work together with other sponsors to end poverty in Jesus' name!

Interested in sponsoring a child? Click here!

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