Monday, July 4, 2011

Whom I Have Never Met Before

Today is the Fourth of July 
Tonight there are fireworks in the sky 
But it is with heavy thoughts I ponder 
The choices of those yonder 
Whom I have never met before 

From sea to shining sea 
It is a land where I am free 
To worship my Creator and Lord 
Thanks to the men that died at the sword
Whom I have never met before 

Brave and True they were 
To fight a war on our shore 
And others had an ink filled pen 
They used it as a weapon, these men 
Whom I have never met before 

They risked it all for this land 
So that I might freely stand 
Today we honor them who signed 
That Declaration of our mankind 
Whom I have never met before 

I shall never know those brave souls 
Who risked it all on that thin scroll 
Yet it is them I honor and our country’s birth 
And that Red White and Blue with all it’s worth 

Thanks to those men
         Whom I have never met before 

I wrote this poem in honor of all those who have sacrificed for our nation. Thank you.
Happy 4th of July! 

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