Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Norway!!!! Day 1, Oslo

I have so many posts to catch up on about Ireland, but first I want to talk about our spring break trip to Norway! I knew that I wanted to travel somewhere different for spring break, and when I learned about a friend living in Norway, that was where I had to go. It was an amazing experience and blast! The country is beautiful, and even though it was the trip of multiple mistakes and mess ups, it was still amazing. :) We mainly stayed in Oslo, except for the one day we went to Sweden. Here are the pictures from our first day!

Coming into Norway! 

The Nobel Peace Center

Oslo's Harbour 

Trolls! These little guys are all over Norway... 

The City Hall

The City Hall
This is where they give out the Nobel Peace Prize. 

This room is so huge! 

Oslo Harbour from City Hall

 Me in front of the City Hall building

The Parliament Building 

At the Akershus Fortress

The Akershus Fortress

Me in front of the Royal Palace

On the palace grounds, with Oslo behind me

The Royal Palace 

These were all the sights we saw in the first day. We also went to the National Museum to see the painting "The Scream." That was really neat as well! :) All in all, it was a gorgeous first day in Norway. 

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