Monday, September 5, 2011

I love the $1 Bin!

I was at Jo Anns the other day looking for some good deals and of course I had to inspect the $1 bin! Here is what I found:

These are amazing little paper books that you put pictures and letter in. They even come with their own envelope! I loved them so much I had to get three...they are perfect for an older child, such as my Nimisha. Although, I am making one for my younger child, Bedina, as well.

There are two pages of stickers to decorate the letter.

Pull the tabs! 

I put two Bible verses on the front of mine...

And a letter on the back! 

Complete and ready for sending! 

I also found these letter stickers to send to Nimisha. I figured she would enjoy these more than the little girl themed stickers I had for Bedina. 

And finally, I got some Band Aids to send to Bedina. 
They have monkeys on them! 

Yep, it was a successful trip to the store. And now I have two more sets of letters to send! 

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