Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The National Museum and Library

On Saturday, a few other girls and I headed to the National Library and National Archeology Museum. Words can barely describe how I feel about so many beautiful books in such a gorgeous building! This is one of my new favorite libraries, next to the Long Room of course. :) After the library, it was off to the Museum of Archeology to hang with the bog men. Who knew thousand year old remains could be so intriguing? It was a lovely day exploring Dublin. I had a blast!


The National Library

So many books! :) 

There was also a W.B. Yeats exhibit, so these are some of his original manuscripts.

Me on the super cool stairs :) I just love interesting staircases. 

We headed to Rhubarb for lunch. This adorable cafe served an amazing muffin!


Then it was off to the Museum of Archeology! 

WARNING: If photos of thousand year old bodies disturb you, don't continue reading :) 

Most of these men were very wealthy and they were sacrificed to the gods. People have found various remains in the bogs throughout Ireland. This is such an interesting insight into the Celtic past of the Emerald Isles.  

I love the architecture in this museum. 

This guy was actually a viking and not a bog man. Still, it is quite interesting. 

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