Saturday, June 18, 2011

Featured Friday: The Matterhorn

Who knew a mountain could be so amazing? :) And yes, it looks just like Disneyland!

Quick Facts:
Where? Zermatt, Switzerland is the town below the Matterhorn mountain. It is the major jumping off point for all Matterhorn climbers, sightseers, hikers, etc.


What is it: The Matterhorn mountain itself is an amazing testament to God and His creative glory. Majestically overlooking the quaint town of Zermatt, the Matterhorn is a craggy, snowy, adventure waiting to be conquered. While only the most serious mountain climbers tackle its peak, even those us who prefer not to hike can enjoy this mountain. Simply jump on one of the many lifts and let it whisk you to the top of many surrounding mountains. The Matterhorn is one incredible mountain. I hope everyone gets the opportunity to see this mountain in person.

Warning: Zermatt (and the rest of Switzerland, for that matter) is extremely expensive. Riding the lifts will set you back a few hundred dollars. However, it is worth it! The experience of those mountains is amazing, so don't let the price deter you. It is worth every penny.

Now, for the pictures!
The train that takes us to Zermatt

No vehicles are allowed in Zermatt, so everyone travels by horses or small motorized golf carts and mopeds. 

The interior of The Matterhorn Museum 

The Matterhorn 

The Rothorn gondola that takes you up the mountain. 

These are the way up to the perfect Matterhorn viewpoint for those of us who don't want to hike! :) 

A really neat sign at the top of the view point. 

There is a goat parade in Zermatt twice a day as the goats are moved from upper pastures to lower pastures and then back again.

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