Monday, August 1, 2011

The Top 10 Compassion Blog Posts

Hey everyone! So, I am a member of the Compassion International Street Team, and one of my "orders" is to write up my top ten favorite Compassion Blog Posts. So here it goes!

1) My absolutely favorite article is one that introduced me to Our Compassion and the Virtual Letter Writing club. Virtual Letter Writing Club 

2) This post is about building relationships with our sponsored children. It is a good reminder that these kids rely on us to be there for them. So many times, I have heard stories of children who do not think they are loved because their sponsor never writes to them.
Relationship Building Through Child Sponsorship

3) Have you ever wondered how your letters get translated? Well, now you can read this post and figure out exactly how they do that! This post goes through the process of translating your letters in Honduras. Check it out! Who Translates Your Letters?

4) Why do my sponsor child's letters seem so impersonal? I think this is a question many new sponsors have. Here is a good explanation:
Why Do My Sponsored Child's Letters Seem So Impersonal?

5) This one is an interesting behind-the-scenes picture of what "photo day" is like in the different Compassion child centers.
Your Sponsored Child's Photo Day

6) Here is a neat video of a little girl being told she has a sponsor. A great video for new sponsors! The First Letter Builds A Cornerstone

7) Family gifts: what are they and how do they impact the family, not just your sponsored child?
 The Impact of Family Gifts

8) It is a dream of mine to visit Bedina. But if that is never possible, then letters are just as important!
The Happiest Day of My Life

9) This is such a heartwarming story about a young man who impacted all the children in the child development center on his trip to Indonesia:
Sponsors Really Do Exist

10) This post is interesting, simply because it addresses the question it asks: Would Jesus Sponsor a Child in Poverty?
Let The Little Children Come To Me

I hope you will check out a few of those posts on Compassion's blog. This ministry is really dedicated to supporting children, and I rejoice that I can do my part. Thank you for being Jesus to these children!

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