Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bite BACK!

I am sure you have felt the sensation. Tiny little legs crawling across your skin, the quick prick of your flesh, then the slam as you squish that annoying little bugger before it has a chance to show its vampire like qualities and begin sucking your blood. Yep, I am talking about mosquitoes. The little blood suckers are the bane of summertime. 

But what if mosquitoes where not only annoying, but deadly? 

If every time you went to bed, or the sun went down, you had the chance of contracting a deadly disease? 
Malaria. Carried by mosquitoes. Deadly if not treated. Kills children across the world. Mosquitoes bite. 

Check out this video...

Compassion International is doing all they can for malaria prevention. This is a preventable disease! It is not common in the US, because it is preventable and we have the ability to fix it. Yet children all over Africa are suffering and dying from it. $10 is all it takes to save an entire family from malaria. It provides the essential mosquito nets, education on malaria prevention, and life-saving hospital treatment should anyone in the family get the disease. Be the difference to children. Be a part of the solution. Help create a world where malaria is no longer an issue. Mosquitoes bite. BITE BACK! 

Go to the Bite Back website for more information. You can also go here Donate A Net to donate directly. For more information on child sponsorship, check out Compassion International

Thank you for being the difference in the lives of those who are suffering from this deadly disease. 

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