Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Letter!

One of my favorite things to ever get in the mail are letters from my little girl! A few weeks ago,  I received the first letter from her in several months. She described how she celebrated the Easter holiday, and drew me a lovely picture of a cup, some bread, and a table. It makes me very happy to hear how well my little girl is doing! It is moments like these that make sponsorship worth it. Yes, it does take a good bit out of my bank account every year, and for a college student struggling to afford private school, that is a large amount. However, with each letter I am once again reminded of why I send letters and why I send money. Because it is for the love and nurture of a little girl in Tanzania whose heart if full of love for Jesus!


  1. Aw, don't you just love the personal connection we get through letters. Bedina is so cute!

  2. I love it! :) It is what makes sponsorship so worthwhile...thanks for stopping by!


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